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2024 - 2025 VISION

Explore the misisons that we are working toward in the next two years. Your support enables us to accomplish these Kingdom-building goals.

Discipleship Mandate
• Launching the Discover Discipleship Network, a support network for those growing into fully devoted followers of Jesus

• Translation of Discover Identity into Spanish

• Providing 1000 copies of Discover Identity to prisons and recovery homes.

Purpose Mandate
• Developing Dream Again: A Spiritual Intensive Course for Rebuilding Lives After Trauma and Addiction

• Present Dream Again live to 500 people, free of charge

• Developing a gamechanging Project for Kingdom effectiveness in all areas of life


Ministry Development Mandate
• Launching the Pneuma Ministry Network which will provide licensure, ordination and spiritual covering for those leading innovative and unconventional ministries

• Launching the Discipleship Leadership Network, providing access to resources, tools and support for those engaged in actively making disciples of Jesus.  (Including access to The Identity Sessions, Freedom Encounter and Mission Encounter videos.)


Resource Development
• The development of various other books, resources and courses (both live and video-based) focused on prayer, revival and discipleship

Or Mail Giving to: 
Appalachia Prayer Center

PO Box 172
Jesse, WV 24849​​​​


• People will grow into strong reproducing disciples of Jesus.
• Spanish speaking people will gain access to life-changing discipleship resources.
• 1000 people in prison and recovery will begin discovering why God created them.
• Hundreds of addicts and those suffering from trauma will be empowered to rebuild their lives.
• Ministry Leaders will build the Kingdom of God with greater effectiveness. 
• A passion for Jesus, Prayer, Revival and Discipleship will continue to be developed in the lives of thousands of believers. 

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