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Prayer should not be something we do.  It should be the central thing we do. The thing from which everything else we do flows. 
Prayer is more than just petitioning God.  Prayer is communion—intimacy—with God. It is first and foremost, being in His Presence. Worshipping Him.  Honoring Him.

All of Heaven continually worships, never tiring of ascribing worth to God.  Prayer Movements (Prayer Centers and Houses of Prayer) desire to see worship "on earth as it is in Heaven."

All of the mighty people of God in Scripture were people of prayer. Enoch walked with God.  Moses desired God's glory more than anything else.  The prophets were given revelation in prayer. Jesus often withdrew and prayed.

Every great move of God in history was predicated by seasons of intense prayer.  Many of them from continual prayer.  Pentecost, the Moravian Mission Movement, John Wesley, the Fulton Street Prayer Revival, the Welsh Revival are all examples of God pouring out His Spirit on people of prayer.  

The Appalachia Prayer Center is designed to be a place of prayer. A sanctuary where people can withdraw form the "craziness' of life and find refuge in the Presence of God.  

While we can and should pray wherever we are, having a place dedicated to prayer brings an intentionality to our prayer. Scripture teaches that God cannot be contained to brick, mortar and stone. However, this does not mean He will not place His glory where He is honored and welcomed.  

A 24 hour Prayer Center serves as a testament to the world.  A lighthouse where people know they can go to encounter the Presence and family of God.  



Jay Morgan is the founder and director of the Appalachia Prayer Center. Jay holds an M.A. in Leadership from Indiana Wesleyan University, is a certified Missional Coach who interned with Dr. Bob Whitesel, and is an Independent, Certified, John C. Maxwell Team speaker, trainer and coach.


Jay has been in active, pulpit ministry since the age of 18 and has been the Lead Pastor of Christ Church (formerly New Life Church)  since 2001. Jay is also an author who develops discipleship, leadership and church health resources. Fueled by a passion for both the Presence of God and intentional discipleship, Jay desires to see the Church return to wholehearted devotion of Jesus


Jay has been married to his wife Lisa, since 1994. They are parents of three wonderful children: Jason, Maria and Caleb.


The vision for the Appalachia Prayer Center was birthed out of a season of prayer and revival that Christ Community Church (formerly New Life Church) experienced in 2017.


This season began with 40 days of Fasting and Prayer, with different people taking turns fasting each day of the week, and everyone praying at least an hour every day.   We were preparing our hearts for revival.   


This lead to 50 days of revival and outreach beginning on Easter. We experienced the leading and work of the Holy Spirit, both individually and corporately, in ways that we never had. 


Toward the end of the revival season, we began to sense the Lord leading us to spend time in corporate prayer, the ten days leading up to Pentecost Sunday.  For those 10 days, the church was open for prayer from 6:00 pm to midnight.  We spent time tarrying in the Presence of God for as long as we could each day. 


At the end of this time, we felt the leading of the Holy Spirit to create a place "where the flame of intercession will never go out in Appalachia."   The vision for the Appalachia Prayer Center was birthed.  On August 27, 2017, the vision was launched publicly. 

Since that time, we have become a network of likeminded pastors, intercessors and leaders from multiple Appalachian states from Alabama to New York, who desire to see true, Biblical revival come to our land.

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