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Flickering Stars!

I love the beauty of the night because The Lord has been faithful in meeting me there. As I pray while gazing into the night’s sky, He makes me feel like the only woman in the world! In His Word, He says that we ravish His heart; however, it is my heart that feels ravished by Him.

I love being alone with the Lord. He floods my heart with such compassion and fire. His presence moves right through me, causing me to love Him more! I get overwhelmed with the thoughts of a Supernatural God caught by one look from my eyes. The nights are beautiful because they are His.

One night as I was gazing into the sky, I noticed the brightness of the stars. I had been praying and was drawn to the night sky. I noticed one star flickered. As I continued watching it, I heard The Lord say, “No light of mine should flicker.” I burst into tears because I knew He was talking about His bride. I repeatedly said to Him, “No Lord, none that is yours should flicker, none should struggle.”

Compassion moved through my heart for God’s people. Many faces and situations came flooding through my mind. I cried out to the heavens asking for help for His bride. Not especially for the people themselves, though I loved them and wanted to see healing in all capacities, but primarily because I love Him. I wanted Him to have the best and brightest stars of all! “Not one flickering,” but burning bright in His most incredible beauty.

I pray that you would become an illumination of His light! May there be no lack in your life. I ask The Lord of the heavens to visit you tonight, to heal your body, mind,

soul, and spirit at all levels. Oh, seek Him in the night! Gaze at the stars!

Compassion and fire will consume you.

This is a selection from the new book From Pitiful to Beautiful: Intimacy with The Lord by Becky Keener. Click here or the button below to purchase this devotional.



Becky Keener and her husband, Jim, have been married since 1993 and reside in Summersville, West Virginia. They have two young adult children, Casey (wife Martina) and BreAnn (husband Jack). They are the proud grandparents of a precious baby boy and look forward to having many more. Becky graduated from the Assemblies of God, Appalachia District School of Ministry. She is involved with the West Virginia Prayer Alliance and is one of the regional coordinators for the network. Becky leads a prayer ministry and a women's ministry in her local church, reaching the community. She is the face and visionary behind Mountain Momma Rising, a ministry comprised of mothers and grandmothers committed to following Jesus into the harvesting of West Virginia families.

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