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The complete, six book set of Discover Discipleship books is available to you now!  Buy the complete set here and save $18.00!


The Discover Discipleship Study is a series of six daily devotional workbooks, created to help you grow as a disciple of Jesus. This course is a spiritual map that will facilitate health in the following six key areas of Christian discipleship: Identity, Freedom, Growth, Relationships, Mission, & Alignment.


Each book is divided into 30 daily lessons that help guide and pace your learning.  Each lesson is full of teaching, application questions and Scripture. For maximum benefit, it is recommended that you complete all six books, in order. 


Many churches are adopting the Discover Discipleship Study, as their basic, church-wide discipleship plan for new believers and members.  The Discover Discipleship Study is an excellent map for spiritual growth as it focuses on six key areas of discipleship.  The scope of topics is comprehensive and thorough, providing a solid base for a strong Christian life. Each participant will not only grow in the faith but will also be equipped to lead others and make new disciples of Jesus.

Discover Discipleship Complete Set

$65.70 Regular Price
$47.70Sale Price
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